Monday, 12 October 2015

Changing the moment

If we awake to raindrops pecking the window panes will it devour our freshly woken mood resulting in showery conditions to permeate their way through our whole day?

Would we unconsciously choose the flooded fens
 Would we stroll the waterlogged walkways
Would we deny the shimmer of diamond sun reflecting
Would we crave the sun parched dusty roads
Would we churn up an emotional deluge
Would we slide into sodden self absorption

Could we awake and consciously splash away our woes  
Could we walk in purposeful puddles for the fun of it
Could we shake the hand of the watery glistening glow
Could we water away the dusty debris
Could we churn out an emotional song
Could we flow and glide on our felt connection

I wonder........

In the hours before we sleep could we consciously tell ourselves a bedtime story about how our day will be given over to a changeful celebration, a meditation on mindfulness.  Softening our expectations of ourselves and others, listening to the words forming in the moment and leaving aside the fast forward to a week that hasn't begun, that may or may not tap us on the shoulder.  So that we may take heed or ignore, and turn towards absorbing our surroundings.

Might we wake up to the here and now, place our feet inside cosy slippers, watch them miraculously follow our instructions.  Marvel at the simplest of things, reaching for the fine mist of your favourite perfume, watch how the razor glides smoothing your skin.

Keep freshness by your side
walk hand in hand with who you are
shake hands with your choices
dance with your decisions

Have a mindful day.

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