Thursday, 1 May 2014

Opinions Circle

Opening up choice, optional outlets
Voiced sections of our minds, let go
Safety in silence; speech impeded
Powerful penned action leaves the
Skull to crack open thought processes

Others see into their minds by way of derivation
Interaction then captured, absorbed, finalising,
Spat remarks upset, turn over the table of plenty
Offend, minimise another, devalue self regard
Talk us out of being who we are...yet leaves

Replaying on the turntable of our minds

Rinsed out mouths might penetrate the circle of
Tight lips, forced shut by silent expectation
Fear and squirming ruling our fingertips, wrapping
Knuckles pressed firmly to the flesh of repression

Gold dust sprinkles the high life, cuts short the
Intrinsic pain, lends a hand in the greedy depths
Of finding a way through the webs of sarcasm
The veiling pretence is insidious in flavour
Tastes sweet to the tongue, once swallowed... too late

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